My latest adventure

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Last Saturday was not a fun day. I fell off a ladder in my garage and smashed my heel when landing. The pain of this was intense (to put it mildly). I turned white and prayed to pass out, but didn’t quite get there. Jack watched it happen and said “be carful daddy” about 1 minute prior to the fall. Once I fell Jack ran into the house to find Amy and said “Mommy, mommy Daddy has a Boo Boo” Amy came out and found me on the floor and she said my face was pale white. We went right into the emergency room and then was admitted into the hospital. It was determined via Xrays and Cat Scans that this was a pretty major version of a Fracture of the Heel Bone (Calcaneus)

Calcaneus Fracture

Calcaneus Fracture

It will require surgery within the next two weeks..

…….sigh……… Now begins the long road to recovery.

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