Month: August 2008

Summer Swim

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It was my first year back into the Nite Moves routine, and changing disciplines from the 5K run to the ocean swim ~800M. I am still on the mend from my calcaneal fracture and not ready for running. I decided to try swimming as my new way to get into the game. It was a new expierence to take on the challenge of the ocean swim. As my first time entering Nite Moves I used my 4mm ONeil Surf Wet suit it worked, but was quite a workout.

My goal of the summer was to be the swim leg in the long course relay of the Santa Barbara Triathlon . I was able to get in about 7 Nite Move swims throughout the season with the best move being buying swim wetsuit. I went with the Xterra Vortex after getting a nice 50% off Nite moves discount it was a good purchase. It made a HUGE difference in performance for both bouancy and flexibility.

After all the waiting it was time for the Big weekend of the SB Triathlon and the 1 Mile swim. We had a last minute injury with Tom as our runner, but were able to recruit Mark Luthman as the substitute.

The 1 Mile swim
The 1 Mile swim

I was nervous, but ready to get the action going for the swim. As the relay team we were the final wave (wave 9) of the day, so as we were entering the Elite teams were coming out of the water.

It was a great family weekend and our 3rd Team MiraMar summer.

Pepperdine PKE MBA Program

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I am nearing the one year mark since embarking on my journey for an MBA from Pepperine. The experience has been very rewarding so far. I enjoy all my professors Wayne Strom (Organizational Behavior), Terry Young (Economics), John Scully (Finance), and now William Smith (Marketing) each semester I have completed a chapter on my thesis and its coming along good. My life has changed in this past year significantly.

I am looking forward to our international session in September where we plan to embark to Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, Bangkok Thailand, and Phuket Thailand. I am really excited for this learning experience.

Brennen, Jack, and Lauren

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Brennen, Lauren, and Jack

The gang hanging out under a tree