Month: January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

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Happy New Year. It was good to close the books on 2008. Not neccesarily a steller year from a financial perspective, but it could have been much worse. I have learned over the years to count my blessings, and for that I am thankful for all the wonderful things I do have. 

I had a great trip visiting the MeziMedia  Shanghai office in early January. We have several large projects to accomplish this year as a team, and the in-person meeting was invaluable. Also just completed our PKE weekend in Palm Springs.  Amy, Jack, and Lauren came with me and we had a mini-vacation / school weekend. Only 4 more weekendsto go until Graduation (April 19). 


See Shanghai Asia Summary for all the details.


Underground shopping mall in Shanghai China (80% off)
Underground shopping mall in Shanghai China (80% off)


Jack and LaurenJack and Lauren at the top of the tram above palm springs.