Month: March 2009

Pepperdine Thesis submitted

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I submitted my thesis on schedule last night, and am anxously awaiting feedback. I am excited to report a major milestone has been completed. Next step is the presentation for the faculty next week. I am so excited to be this close to the end. It has been an amazing journey. I have to admit my family and work life has suffered during this journey, and I need to do some serious make up time.

The final leg of my Pepperdine journey

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Well, its getting so close I can almost taste it. One week to go until my Thesis is due, and two weeks until final presentations to the faculty. As you can tell from this post (3:49am) its been another late night. Its been an exciting learning adventure from my first three day sequestered weekend to now. I still remember coming home after that three day weekend with a stack of books and falling onto the living room floor. I told Amy I wasn’t up for the challenge, and was going to quit. Amy gave me her usual good advice, sleep on it, and then make a decision.

As usual Amy was right, and the journey to my MBA has been an amazing experience. We started with 20 classmates and will be finishing with 14. I have learned so much from this experience both academically and from my peers. The International trip was so powerful, and an eye opening experience. I am so excited for graduation on April 18th and cannot believe I am almost there.

Onward and upward