Yosemite 2009

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We had a great long weekend in Yoesmite Valley with Amy’s family for her Aunt Rose’s 70th birthday. It was such a fun time. We camped on Thursday night at Upper Pines campground and then stayed Friday/Saturday nights at Yosemite Lodge.

The family and mystery arm at Glacier Point
The family and mystery arm at Glacier Point

Here we are at Glacier point, the randev’u point, on Thursday night at Sunset. It was the kickoff of a perfect weekend. On Friday we went on a great hike with the kids to the top of Vernal falls. It was quite the hike with some scary points especially with two younger ones.

On Saturday we had a nice hike with a trip to some caves which all the kids enjoyed some sparkling lifesavers in the dark. We had an amazing dinner at the Ahwhanee hotel on Saturday night for Rose’s birthday dinner. The food was amazing and the dining room was stunning.


All in all it was a great kick-off into fall as we woke up on Sunday morning with Snow on the mountains and drove home to find crisp fall weather in Thousand oaks.

Rose’s two points she wanted to share were:

Keep family and friends close as they will be with you your whole life and take the time to enjoy them.

Remember to live life like we did the steps on our hike (one step at a time).

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