Ending of Summer

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We had a great day today, and the end of a really powerful week with Brennen. Its amazing how time really does fly, it seems like just yesterday when he was just a baby and now he is taller than me, and heading back home for high school football. I am so proud of him, he is a great kid, and has done a really good job taking on some major challenges in his life. He ran the 5K at nite moves, and did a great job.

Its tough adapting to changes in life, I am so used to Brennen coming down every other weekend and just hanging out with us. He is growing up and has a full life at his home, We may have to make some changes and come visit him at his home next time. I am really happy with the time we had together and this summer.  Jack and Lauren will be heading back to St Judes soon and next thing we know it will be fall. Life is so amazing and our kids are just with us for a short period. Its so important to appreciate every moment as it really does go fast


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