Healthy Summer

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I have enrolled in a couple programs this summer which have so far (its still early) helped me be more focused on my exercise and my overall eating habits. The first program is a group challenge through work, which creates a competition based on “steps”, “excercise” and “weight”. The program is via our group insurance with Aetna (Aetna Active). It has really helped me to work hard to hit some goals of my own on exercise. I have been alternating swimming and running for most days within the week, I have one or two rest days built in.

It really proves my personal theory for me, that when I track things I aim higher to build my stats. The other application or program I have been using is Calorie Count, its an website and an iPhone App which helps you journal or log three main things: food log; exercise log; weight log. It has some excellent analysis tools built in to help you track throughout the day your standings on calorie intact, or any other stat you can imagine. Its still early for me, but I feel these two tools have really helped me to stay accountable to myself and my stats to try and do better with a program.



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