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2013 TRI Schedule

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IMG_8523“It’s about finding that one thing, that sets you free”

2013 TRI Plan

  • 3/3/13 – Desert TRI – Olympic – 2:36
  • 5/1/13 – NIte Moves – Biathalon
  • 6/23/13 – Breath of Life TRI – Olympic
  • 8/24/13 – Santa Barbara TRI – Olympic (Long Course)
  • 8/25/13 – Santa Barbara TRI – Jack/Daddy Race
  • 9/7/13 – Malibu TRI – Olympic
  • 9/8/13 – Malibu TRI – Sprint/Relay (Swim)

Dad’s Drexel letter

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Thomas P. Lydon

Memories from Class of 1963 Evening College

As I look back 50 years and wonder where did the time go. It has been a great journey, thanks to the opportunity to attend the Evening College at Drexel. I feel my life has been blessed with many opportunities that would never have happened. For many years after graduation when showing my resume to a future employer he gave me extra consideration because I was able to have a family and get a degree showing my determination to achieve my goals.

I started in September 1954 and because of illness had to take a year off. During the entire 9 years I was able to work for some great companies that set my future in the computer business. Even though we did not have an official Computer Science course or a programming course. I was able to get the basics of digital electronics because our teachers, from RCA and GE and other local companies, were working in the computer industry and were up to date on the latest advances in the field. I worked for Univac/Remington that was battling IBM for a part of the emerging computer market. While there I learned about building a digital computer using solid state electronics, transistors as they were called then. It was a first of its kind. These were the beginning of the electronics we all use today.

During these early years I married the love of my life, Dorothy in the summer of 1954 and showed up for the start of my freshmen year in September 1954. We remained married for 52 fears until her death in 2006. We had seven children during that time. We now have 16 grand-children and one great grandson.

I stayed in the computer industry for over 50 years. Starting first as an engineer and then I changed to sales. In the sixties I worked of Honeywell and had the opportunity to work with the astronauts of Gemini as well as the early Apollo ones. Our computers were used in the simulators to prepare them for their ride into space.

I am now retired and living in beautiful San Diego, CA. I make it to the Drexel game each year when the Phillies come to play the Padres.

2013 Desert International Triathlon

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My first Olympic Triathlon was a success!

It feels really good and exciting to have completed this goal. I felt good about my overall results coming in at 2:36:29 with a strong swim in the top 30% of all 755 competitors. On the bike I felt slow, but felt good, I was middle of the pack on bike and running. I was happy with both, but need to work harder on doing bricks of the two, as my legs were challenged after the bike going into the run. My run was 8:20 min miles, which I am happy with.

It was an CVMM team event with about 8 or 9 members participating over the course of the 2 days.


“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts”.


2013 – Desert TRI

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2013 – Desert TRI

I am feeling very excited and anxious for my first full Olympic level TRI this weekend. Its been a long and good year of training starting back in May of 2012 when coming back from Spring break feeling at an all time low on my weight. I was at 192lbs (6’0) and not feeling ready for my typical 3 open water swim relays for the season. 

I started the process of working out and here we are today, weighing in at 159lbs, having lost 33lbs and feeling ready to take on this new challenge.