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When Virginia stood to make a toast, margarita in hand, I was sure it was going to be a toast to family, to Rosemary’s visiting friends of 60 years that were in attendance and showing us all the amazing value of true friendships, to Rose and McKenna’s first Nite Moves….but no…she went deep. She cut to the core of the evening in a way that only a birthday girl can do…

She raised her glass, the crowd was silenced, McKenna turned her gaze in her general direction…and Virginia brought it all into perfect clarity:

“To Jack, and his first Nite Moves!”

NiteMoves 2013 Jacks 5K


Of course! Yes, that IS what it is about…it’s about new beginnings, new challenges. That’s what Nite Moves has been from the start and tonight Jack took the charge and led us forward. Obviously the wet, cold, sweaty part of Nite Moves isn’t something that everyone is into – that’s not the point. The point is that our family is constantly evolving, and Jack moved the family forward today by participating in his way. We all participate in our own way at different times and in different ways. I looked around the table tonight and saw an amazing collection of individuals, bonded by this thing we call family. Rosemary’s friends saw it too….

May the summer of 2013 be a time where we all celebrate new beginnings, new challenges. Thanks for the reminder Jack…

Onward Team Miramar…


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