teammiramar NM: 5/15/2013

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The water was downright balmy, the wind was calm, the band was jazz….

Mike celebrated his acceptance of a new job with (way to go Mike!) by putting together a solid performance – he slid by me well before the end of the run – I figured I’d try to stay close and see if I could catch him at the end….he pulled away…I was broken….but then I caught a bit of momentum on the last downhill and figured I’d try to sneak up on him. He looked strong so I figured if he heard me coming he’d just pull away…so, what’s a guy to do? It’s obvious to those of us out there that have an unhealthy degree of competitive spirit in them: Run on the grass beside the concrete so he can’t hear you coming…then pass him right before the finish line… Ok, ok – I really do have issues… The point? Mike is a whole new competitor – he looks fantastic and is going to be fun to watch as the season progresses.

The Cabe family posted three finishes – a great accomplishment. Dan took his barefoot running and deep breathing to a new level – he finished 10th OVERALL…sheesh – that’s just crazy….Joe pulled out his wetsuit out of the car before the event, shook out some Tri 2012 sand out of it, and bravely took on his first ocean swim since last August. I don’t think he would say it was his best day in the water, but he finished it and cranked out a solid run. Great to have you in SB for a few days Joe. Betsy has all of us googling "crossfit" and wondering what the heck those people are up to, because she is another one that is a completely different picture on the course. She’s posting times that were only previously possible if she was willing to risk a run to the hospital for swollen face syndrome…

During dinner Brandi and Ryan were talking it up, and the competitive juices started flowing between mother and daughter. They threw down the gauntlet and next week is officially the time to find out who is faster in the run…I don’t think anyone really cares who wins, but we definitely want to see Brandi and Ryan both at the starting line flashing those smiles back and forth at each other. That’s the kind of deal where everyone wins…

So far each week has been great weather, warm water, no wind….I know that can’t go on for long….stay tuned…


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