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As most of you know my last day at ValueClick is this Thursday. I am taking on a new role at a local company and am excited about the opportunity. As you can imagine this is a bittersweet moment for

me as I won’t be seeing my ValueClick friends and coworkers anymore. I moved down to Westlake Village from San Francisco 10 ½ years ago after accepting employment at ValueClick. ValueClick was about

60M in revenue, 150 employees and had just completed the Mediaplex acquisition. I had a team of 3 employees reporting to me and we began the process of building our common infrastructure to support all

ValueClick products. Roughly 15 acquisitions, 3 divestitures, significant organic growth, 12 data centers, 3,000 Linux servers, 24,000 elements in monitoring, 28 members on the team, product integrations and 28 offices

Worldwide later…… We have built this “cloud” infrastructure to support our massive scale and hockey stick growth. My leadership team that I am handing the reins over to, are well positioned to continue on our same growth path.

Personally and professionally these have been some of the best years of my life. Over the last 10 years I was the lucky father of two great kids, earned my MBA from Pepperdine, fractured by heel (was told by

my Dr. I would never run again), became a competitive swimmer, competed an Olympic Triathlon (showed him), coached youth baseball, running a Cub Scout Pack, and have been lucky to work with such

amazing people. I am especially thankful to work for such great leaders as Peter Wolfert, Jim Zarley, Dave Yovanno, Steve Neufer and all the other great leaders within ValueClick which I cannot name them all.

In parting, I wish you success in driving ValueClick to all new levels and I am excited for the future of the company. My personal contact information is below, so please add me to your contact lists and stay in touch!

Slán go fóill


Farewell lunch at Brendens


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