The Graduate — Brennen Michael Lydon 2013

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What a proud moment last night!!! Brennen graduated from Paso Robles High School! We all came up Friday to see him for this big day. It was so special to be there and see him .




A little poem I wrote for Brennen

You came into our life in the fall of 95, it was a great great blessing and that’s no jive!

You grew into being our little brown haired boy with a bowl cut and a smile which you could not deny!

Over the years you grew so fast…. you passed me in height and then stepped on the gas.

Over all the years there is a thought which comes to mind a gentle heart with the sweetest of intentions.

They say little kids are the best judges of character, you will see B surrounded by little ones on an almost regular basis!

I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished never giving up, facing the tallest of mountains!!!

You my son are the special one. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!!!

Love Dad

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