Day: June 28, 2014

2014 – Ventura Tri

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The Ventura TRI came and went despite the fact that I had picked up a chest cold. I am super glad I did it. It was harder than last year, but I had a strong swim and finished the job. This is an important point for me.



CVMM Ventura TRI













The CVMM guys Bill and Stephen, they both had very strong races.

Race Stats

Date:  June 21, 2013

Bib 192                                                                                2013 stats

My official time was 3:11:30                                             (2:44)


1.5K (.93 Mile) swim  – 27:43                                          (28:32)

40K (24.8 Mile) bike –  1:31:57                                     (1:19:00)

10K (6.2 Mile) run – 1:07:45                                           (52:43)



I will avoid excuses, but here are the facts. Chest cold persisted two weeks prior to the race with respitoray issues and general tiredness. I did not work out two weeks leading up until the race and was achy all over. I weighed 10lbs more than last year and in not working out like last year.

26 minutes slower

1 minute faster on the swim

12 minutes slower on bike

15 minutes slower on the run