Month: April 2015

LDC and LI

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A few weeks after the announce there have been some good articles and positive news all around.

As LinkedIn says,

“Now we can help people in a city locate jobs and opportunities, identify their gaps in skills, directly learn those skills through, and compete for and get these new jobs.”

Seeking Alpha Article


CNBC: LinkedIn CEO is a Great Fit

Bloomberg: LinkedIn CEO Says Last Piece of Puzzle

Wired: LinkedIn CEO Thinks 1.5 B Buy Will Make You Smarter

Wall Street Journal: a 60-year-old earns Internet glory

Re/code: Three Reasons LinkedIn Broke the Bank for

The journey

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This has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life and career. This month Is my 20th anniversary working within the Internet space.  I have had the most amazing experience of assisting, due diligence and ultimately completing this amazing aquistion of two really GREAT companies with deep passion for their customers and their missions. 

I could not have been luckier coming to two years ago to help build this company and the Technology Operations team. I have had the extreme honor of operating at all levels within our company and watching truly amazing things happening. I have a lot of people to thank for this.

The idea if the Deal from LinkedIn side started 5 weeks ago and signed the definitive agreement on Thursday morning. That is just amazing to me, 5 weeks to close a 1.5B aquistion. I have been deeply involved for the past 4 weeks and the pace we all moved at was awe inspiring. 

The day of the aquistion was like nothing I could explain the emotional release was intense and as the company and world learned of this deal communication and feedback were awe inspiring




Throughout the day, it was truly amazing as it led up to our all hands meeting