Why TRI?

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Why TRI?

On my most recent race (Wildflower 70.3), I was wondering what attracts me to this sport? Extreme training, time away from the family, early wake-ups, rushed meals, longs hours in solitude, working to the point of physical exhaustion. All while maintaining a high intensity career, and an active family. Sounds compelling right? Well, maybe…..

Here are some reasons on why I keep doing it.

  • Mental – Time spent alone in training helps me work through problems and stress in my life. The process is meditative and provides a sense of clarity to my problems.
  • Health and fitness – Having a TRI on the calendar forces me out of bed on a cold morning to train. There is nothing like a deadline to ensure I meet my goals. It also forces me to second guess what I eat.
  • Leadership – As my favorite professor at Pepperdine (Dr. Wayne Strom) taught me, good leadership starts with “the leader”, this translates to investments in myself map directly to my team and how I support them.
  • Commitment – Sign-up, train, and follow-through, illustrates to my Children and people around me that we don’t quit in life and we do the hard things.
  • Grit and tenacity – Beaten down, bloody, exhausted, but continuing to fight demonstrates a primary tenant in life, which has been a key area of success in my life. Especially as I am very average at this sport.
  • Effectiveness – This follows the old saying “If you want something done, give it to the busy man”. Time is precious, so use it as wisely and efficiently as possible.

These core areas translate back to life and the difficulties that appear. Despite, what my Baseball coach taught me, Its not about just about winning, it’s about fighting when things get hard or what may seem insurmountable. There have been many races where I experience moments of raw emotion, which feels like pure happiness. On the other side of all this work and pain there is a feeling of “Life” and truly how good it is, which can only be obtained by fighting for it.

I people ask me, how do I prepare for a Triathlon. My answer every time is “Sign up”, the minute after you sign up you begin to prepare, and things fall into place. You now have a date (which will not change), you paid for it (committed) and there is a world of information (preparation) on how to train for your upcoming event.

You gotta TRI.



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