Ideate loudly and Execute violently

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I had almost forgot to post this, as this was our teams theme for the year. Ideate loudly and execute violently was something my team at decided would be our 2015 theme.

Some of the great points from this article by Jason Nazar

  • Companies should aggressively and loudly arrive at the best ideas. Yell, scream, or shout. Do whatever it takes to come to the best answer.
  • Don’t rush into strategic decisions. Get everyone involved. Hash everything out. Instead of meeting for an hour, take four or five days.
  • The unhappiest workers are usually the ones who have no say in the company’s strategy or direction. Demand to be a part of the process.
  • Once the decision is made, execute violently. Don’t look back. Focus just on achieving the results you’ve committed to achieving.
  • If you execute violently rather than dealing with passive-aggressiveness, you’re going to get better results every time.
  • As a leader, you have to tell your team: I want you to challenge me, I want you to question me, I want you to push back on everything.
  • You have to create a real environment for the best ideas to surface. Ideation thrives only in a true meritocracy.
  • The senior leaders can’t be the only ones with “good ideas.” You’re either not hearing everyone out or you’ve hired the wrong people.
  • Empower employees to participate and get them excited about the process. They’ll work harder to achieve the outcomes they help decide.
  • Recruit people who are comfortable with disagreement and discussion, but can deliver results after the decisions have been made.

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