LinkedIn & Pepperdine

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LinkedIn’s hosting of the Pepperdine MBA cohort. We had 35 MBA students attend, most with an emphasis on Innovation and Technology, and we delivered a really powerful day. Thank you for your support and making it special. The students have visited several silicon valley companies and stated this was their best visit. They visited Google later in the day (so fingers crossed). They also had a special Chinese New Year celebration in InCafe to cap things off. Joff and Nash were amazing presenters.”You guys were amazing, and we are very thankful for all that went into this”

–Mark Chun, Associate Dean at Pepperdine

On my flight home last night another passenger asked me about our stock price. I had the overwhelming feeling of one of the themes we covered yesterday, which was loving what we do and most things fall into place. I hadn’t looked at the stock price all day. It reminded me to stay focused, be grateful that I love what I do, and keep giving back. In addition our company is in an amazing position.








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