Month: July 2017

2017 Thailand Trip

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It seems like just yesterday when we brewed up our plan for going to Thailand for our summer vacation this year. We just got back last night and am happy to report it was a great success and all we had planned for.

Why do I love Thailand?
The first thing that comes to mind is the natural beauty of the geography of Thailand with its amazing beaches and jungles. This alone is incredible, but layering on the nature of the Thai people who are the nicest most genuine people on the planet makes its so very special. It’s hands down an incredibly welcoming and warm experience wherever you go. Now let’s not forget the weather with the warm Thai breeze and the salty warm/green oceans and Gulfs. This trip we stayed both on the Andaman sea (Indian Ocean) and the Gulf of Thailand both were simply incredible and special in their own ways. The Phi Phi Islands were and are still an complete favorite of mine, but this trip mixing in Chiang Mai with the visit to the Elephants at Patara was incredible. Lastly let’s not forget the incredible cuisine of Thailand. The food is incredible Ka Pow chicken to mango and sticky rice, all very incredible. Finally let’s not forget the prices….wow 60 minute massage on the beach for $8 and incredible food for four $40. The best place ever.