Touchdown #7 T.O Titans

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A bit of context.

This is Jack’s first year playing football, and as an eight grader he joined the T.O Titans with a couple of his buddies. We were not sure how this would turn out, but in typical Jack fashion since this was something he wanted to do, he dove in with both feet and didn’t look back. Jack has been working so hard all season from the month long “hell month” of practices in 100 degree weather 6 days a week to games and fears that come with playing tackle football. His role as wide receiver this year has been new to him, learning the plays and routes with quite a complex offensive strategy and coach (Gil is Head Coach of@AlemanyHS). Another note, Jack is a Track & Field guy, he loves the 400M and also likes Cross Country. He watches recordings of Track & Field on a regular basis.  Being the last game of our regular season on the way over I was telling him how proud I was of him and that he never once complained or quit. He didn’t have much play time in games being the newest addition as a Wide Receiver. He asked me on the drive, “Dad if I get a TD will you buy me Madden 18”? I was like sure, not really thinking it was a possibility. He had only been thrown to once in a game for the full season (which he caught for 15 yards). So, when you hearing me going crazy in the video below, you will know why……..I am so proud of Jack and all he has become. “Feet don’t fail me now”

What an exciting day for Jack.

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