2020 – Quarantine – Middle of the Journey

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About 35 days of working from home and into the quarantine, and starting to see some of the “newness” wearing off on everyone in the family. Cooking, cleaning, working from home is feeling very much like “ground hog day” I am grateful for all our blessings (health, security, finance)  but its important to get in touch with what is going on inside. I have been reading quite a few articles on the topic lately and sharing with my work colleagues as we are all struggling with the same things. This article was particularly good.


I enjoyed this section

“Right now, more than ever, you need your rest,” Headlee says. “If you’re going to keep your immune system up, you need rest. And being in this constant state of stress and anxiety, where you’re never giving your brain and body any time to refresh, that’s really dangerous.”

Yes, rest can be boring sometimes, especially when you’re stuck in your own home with no end in sight. That’s okay. It’s even good. “We’ve sort of engineered boredom out of our lives,” Headlee says. But boredom isn’t simply an absence of productivity; it’s a feeling with its own inherent value. It can lead you to new ideas, even something as simple as remembering to call an old friend.

And when you need more stimulation, work isn’t the only solution. “You’ve got to start finding some hobbies,” Headlee says — meaning things you do not because they teach something, or better you in some way, or move you closer to some career goal, but purely for the pleasure they bring. Pleasure is a way of nourishing your mind, too.

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