LinkedIn ‘Next play’

Another amazing chapter

A fellow LinkedIn employee wrote the following:

At our Global All-Hands following the announcement, our CEO Jeff Weiner was joined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella & LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman. They asked us to embrace our mixed bag of emotions. Give the news time to sink in. Don’t force yourself to feel one exact emotion, it’s ok to not know how you feel at this very moment.

But to me the most important part of the meeting was the reminder of why we felt so strongly about LinkedIn in the first place. To paraphrase Reid, we felt so strongly because of our mission. Everything we did was about the mission of our company. Every strategic decision executives made was about the mission of the company. It was never about the exit opportunity, it was never about maintaining control. Everything boiled down to the mission we set out to accomplish:
connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful

Wade G. Morgan