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LinkedIn InDay — Relationships, Carpinteria CTO team

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It was a great evening at the Bel Air Country club meeting Steve Wozniak at the FusionIO hosted event. How often do you get to met a man who made such an impact on the computing industry?













We at ValueClick have been using the FusionIO PCI based SSD cards for our database servers. Theses cards provide an excellent solution for an extension of memory on our Dell/Linux/Oracle database servers. It was a pleasure meeting Steve he spoke about his history at Apple and about his new experiences working as the Chief Scientist at Fusion. The highlight of the night for me was him holding up a “signed by Woz” iPod nano and asking if someone was willing to come up on stage and tell a joke to receive it. Needless to say I had to take the challange, so I went up on stage and delivered my joke. I received a room full of laughter and even better the signed iPod. It was a fun night