2014 – Graz

As part of my lynda.com tenure I made two trips to Graz, Austria in 2014, the first one was in Feburary and the second trip was in December. Graz is a beautiful city within a beautiful country. The Video2Brain team have their main office in Graz and also our partner company Parkside. The first trip the goal was to integrate operations management of the V2B platform into my team and also work with the V2B team on overall support for their team.


Trip 1 (Feb)



Hanging out with Hans after a long day of integration conversations with Parkside. Hans was super fun to travel with and a great partner on overall TechOps strategies.



A view from the top of the Schlossberg overlooking onto City Centre Graz. The Schlossberg dates back to the 10th century where it was a fortress where it survived attacks from Napoleonic forces and the actual clock tower was spared where most of the rest of the fortress was destroyed.


A view across the river onto City Centre Graz.





Trip 2 (December)

This was a great trip on the heels of the Carpinteria Christmas party and end of year company meeting. I did not make their Christmas party, but presented my slides at their company meeting shown below






The new Graz V2B office, branded with the lynda.com logo





I spent time with the Parkside team and the IT team with Elias and Marc



The food and the Latte’s are amazing





IMG_4199 IMG_4249 IMG_4251

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