2014 – London

I left from Graz on a Wednesday to head over to our London office for a quick visit. It was my second trip to London previously in 2006 when I worked at ValueClick. I was able to see a different side of London on this trip. It was short, but well worth the visit.

On Wednesday night after the days travel I met up with Alex and his senior leadership team at a nice restaurant titled M on 2 & 3 Threadneedle walk. I had some excellent Sashimi and a very Steak coming directly from their very own aging room.



We all got the opportunity to give toasts, a bit tired and feeling sick, I used my dual passports as my lead into my global shared services team. It was not my strongest, but I did get a few laughs. I was able to see some of London the next morning as I got a nice run in the wee but hours





I stayed at the Apex London Wall hotel, which was very nice.


I visited the lynda.com London office that day and attended a few meetings with the local team followed  by the company meeting. We also visited the new possible space they are looking at within London at a WeWork location.  We have to find a new office by April and the WeWork location looks amazing. What an incredible up and coming company as well (5B in valuation)



The WeWork space below. This is an open area with a Bar and Cafe, your companies area can be customized for your own needs.





I visited a few spots at lunchtime and eat at a really good Crowdfunded Hummus bowl restaurant. I think this would go over well in the U.S




Singing Christmas carols




Christmas party on a nice boat, which left from the Embankment station


Outside on the River Thames



Alex and Michael



Big Ben at night.



Thomas, Dan, and Michael





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