2018 Yellowstone Trip

Day 1

Travel from LAX to SLC by plane then rented a car and drove to Jackson Wyoming, it took us about 5 hours by car, but a very scenic drive through Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Checked into our hotel at The Lodge at Jackson Hole, very nice place with all the key accommodations.

Day 2 (Wednesday)

Today we got up early and ventured out on our main hike for the trip. We went to Lake Jenny in the Tetons National Forrest, and took a boat across the lake to begin our 10 mile hike up the cascade trail. 1,100 feet in climbing and good solid Gorgeous hike which just kept getting better as we ventured upward. About halfway up we had some good animal sightings. First we saw a Marmont, then a Moose, followed by a Grizzly bear walking with a Brown bear. Luckily the bears were on the other side of the river from us, about 300 feet away.

We had dinner at the Bird, which was a cool restaurant in Jackson Hole, then went to the Rodeo in Jackson Hole which was awesome.

Day 3 (Thursday) – Jackson Hole

Whitewater rafting two trips on the snake river, a scenic trip and a class 2/3 run, which was awesome. Lunch table was the highlight and was class 3. Super fun

Day 4 – Jackson Hole / Yellowstone

A nice easy morning in Jackson hole. Went for a run and then got Latte’s and Yogurt/Granola at Persephone Bakery, an amazing Latte and the food was incredible. Wished I could try several other dishes. A must visit in Jackson Hole.

Heading to Yellowstone while expecting some rain today and tomorrow.

Day 5 – Yellowstone

Arrived at Old Faithful and the Snow lodge today, what a beautiful drive to Yellowstone as we entered from the east side.