Thailand 2017 – Lydon Family Adventure

After my first trip to Thailand in 2007 I have dreamed about bringing my family back to Thailand and also to see more of this amazing country and people.

Trip Summary





Day 1

Long journey leaving LAX at midnight on Monday via Cathay Pacific (splurged for economy premium) and stopped in Hong Kong with final arrival at Bangkok airport 10am on Wednesday. The kids were awesome with the long travel and slept well on the plane.


Lunch at Shangri-la

After some rest at the hotel

Short nap at the hotel then was picked up by Susie at 3pm for city tour

The city is in a mourning year with the loss of King Rama 8th, he will be officially cremated in October.

Went to:

1. China town and had Oolong tea and dim sum, also ate some street food, Lauren was pretty freaked out by the crowds, sights of different food, and smells, but then soon settled in. It Was very hot and humid. Loved the experience. This day to me was the quintessential feeling of sensory overload which Bangkok is all about. You cannot explain it, you have to experience it.

2. Next up we went to The Wat Pho, which was top of my list, to see the temple complex where the reclining Buddha resides and also the temples with sitting Buddha and standing Buddha. It was quite incredible sight to see. Entering the temple you take your shoes off and tour the temple. We paid tribute to Buddha with paying coins to the 118 pots, this is a meditative process and you should do it with a clear mind. the temple is the highest class of temple associated with King Rama I (King Rama 8th just died last October), his son will be oronated in October with the official burial of his father.

3. Rode on Tuk Tuk super fun


4. Flower market with Jasmine and marigolds. Susie gave Lauren and Amy two Jasmine bracelets made from flowers which are incrediblly beautiful and intricate. The other thing I find so incredible in Bangkok is the level of craftsmanship and community you see in these communities. These handcrafted flower arrangements were beautiful and as I write this one day later our hotel room smells beautiful as a result.

5. Rode James Bond boat back home, amazing boat ride


Day 2 (Thursday)​ in Bangkok

We had a full nights sleep with a wonderful breakfast at the Shangri-la (kids loved the breakfast) followed by a full day of touring some amazing sites of Bangkok


On day 3 (Friday) it was off to Chiang Mai via Bangkok Airways, a short one hour flight which was very easy and low key.

Day 4

This day was Patara Elephant farm Patara Elephant farm was amazing my elephants name was Sosie we fed them via their mouth from a basket (Hanaah the baby kept snatching food from my basket via her trunk) it was harder getting the food directly into their mouth dodging their trunk. We then bathed them in the river by climbing on their backs and cleaning them with a scrubber and basket of water. Then we leaned how to climb onto them and road them up a mountain trail. Hannah was hilarious she kept straying off and one time pulled a small tree down across the path where Sosie had to step on it to crush the branch. What an amazing experience at such and incredible place



Key Sites