Road to Whitney

So the story continues…..This was my second year and first actual with the Whitney goal (last year I had to cancel last minute for work).

This year the story is a bit different. The short version of the story, was I got altitude sickness starting at the Whitney portal at 8,500 ft and lasting until I made it 3 miles up to 10,000ft. I threw up on the Whitney portal trail, right at the gate. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I am still uncertain why I got sick this early, but I attempted to climb to see if it would pass, but it resulted in a massive vice like headache and included dizziness. I knew at the 10K level it was time to “call it” and live to fight another day. Ed escorted me down, despite my arguments and the rest of our team of 7 proceeded to reach the summit and return in 22 hours. Next year, I am going to take the Medication and take this Mofo!!!

Mt Whitney September 2015-20 Mt Whitney September 2015-12-Edit Mt Whitney September 2015-338 Mt Whitney September 2015-15 Mt Whitney September 2015-140 Mt Whitney September 2015-64

July 12 – Mt. Baldy

8.2 miles

6 hours

3,900 foot ascent

Quad busting mofo!!

Going for the Dry run on Mt. Baldy to peak at 3,900ft


May 31st

Mesa Peak

7.55 mi
2041 elevation gain

Avg moving speed was 2.9 mph, which is good.

926 calories burned

Lots of nasty uphill


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