2020 – The COVID-19 Story

The COVID-19 Pandemic struck the United States hard and heavy starting the first week of March 2020, we should have seen it coming as it started in China the first week of January. I guess we we all thought it would stay in China versus spreading globally like it has. In my 50 years of life, this has to have been one of the more scary moments I have experienced. It was a feeling of a pending Tsunami coming your way, which is also invisible to see.  I recall emailing with my collegues during their period of lockdown and just not grasping what they were going through. I have kept some high level notes on what this has been like listed below.
Week 1
2/23 – 2/29
  • 2/26 – 2/28 – In Sunnyvale, attended the AI Bootcamp and flew home Friday evening. – Things just starting to get crazy, and trending. Masks on flights, etc
Week 2
3/1 – 3/7
  • USC Speaking event Friday night, LA Marathon Packet Pickup. Things getting crazier, thoughts on should we or not do LA Marathon, things are still all moving along
  • Cancelled Dublin trip
Week 3
3/8 – 3/14
  • LA Marathon on Sunday (4:47), great time, struggled with the thoughts of 27,000 people and getting infected.
  • 3/13 (Friday) – Isolation begins
  • Things start getting more intense, WFH in the Bay Area in play
Week 4
3/15 – 3/21
  • Full blown WFH for all Microsoft and LinkedIn
  • Kids school moved to online
  • 3/19 – California moves to “Safer at home” state, only critical services remain open, everyone else stays home
  • This is absolutely surreal and beyond scary
  • Dads 88 Birthday – Had a very nice Zoom meeting with the full family.
  • Market was like a wild roller coaster.
  • Fear and hoarding of food
  • Panic and thoughts of layoffs for everyone.
  • Very dark and scary time
  • I struggle with feelings of symptoms you don’t know if they are real of made up
Week 5 – 300K Cases (12K Deaths 4%) globally 20K in the U.S
3/22 – 3/28
  • 3/23 – The dark clouds are heading in the direction of the U.S
  • 3/25 – weeks of isolation
  • 3/26 – 3.3 Million applications for unemployment putting us into the teens for overall unemployment in the U.S
  • The S&P 500 has had three up days hitting 2,500 points today.




























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