Sally Hughes – 12/12/19

Amy’s words

“To lose your mother, well, that is like losing the sun above you”. Yesterday we lost the true light of our family, Sally Luke Hughes. Hers was a life filled with wonderful friends, amazing experiences, faith to guide her through the tough times, and above all, a family that she cherished and who loved her to no end. We all have Grandma Lu to thank for allowing Sally to go down to Balboa Island on her spring break with friends while still in high school (she promised she’d still go to mass). There she met my dad and their love story began. Together, they raised four children and showed all of us what true love and dedication looks like..and seemed to have a lot of fun along the way. Thank you, Mom, for all your hard work, love, for being our biggest cheerleader and showing us the importance of family and never giving up. You have fought the good fight. We will take care of each other and continue the legacy that you and Dad, reunited once again, created with love. ❤️