2020 – Dr. Wayne Strom – In Memory

One of the most influential and impactful person in my life passed away on April 2, due to complications from COVID-19. Dr. Wayne Strom, a Pepperdine business professor, who I met in 2007 helped me change my life perspective in such an impactful way “A new pair of glasses”. His influence in the lives and careers of hundreds of C-Level executives cannot be overstated. I grieve over this loss and now possess first-hand knowledge of the cruelty of this virus. It has robbed the world of a great thinker, teacher, and mentor, and it has taken a great friend from my life. I cannot express the sadness I feel, I often quote him and he taught me so much about myself, philanthropy and leadership.

In parting, in the words of Dr. Wayne Strom

I trust that each of your lives are going well and that you are remembering two things:

  • “Breathe”
  • “It is not necessary to react!”

—Dr. Wayne Strom

He also taught me to ask this question, when you see a friend after a time apart. Instead of how are you? Ask
“What have you learned since last time we met”

Thank you Wayne