Lynda Q4 All Hands

I wanted to extend a warm SHOUT OUT to the Content Technology Operations and GTS team members for your hard work on ensuring the Lynda Q4 All hands was a complete success. Your efforts on outfitting the Pixel auditorium in Carpinteria to run at the level of our other large LinkedIn event venues was second to none. I have received positive feedback from several of the remote offices including Calabasas on the quality of the broadcast. During the event we had 179 live streams outside of our large live event rooms (Calabasas, SF, Mountain View, London, Dublin, Graz). This upgrade on quality allowed our audiences to focus on the great content of the Lynda event. You performed this upgrade while bringing online several other key sites and running our current broadcast agenda (San Francisco 222, and Sunnyvale).
Thank you to the LDC Executive team for hanging in there with us while we worked out the kinks.
Thank you