In April I will be coming up on my 20th Anniversary working with Internet Technology companies.

Working at both companies in top 15 


April 1995 I started working at Netcom Online in San Jose, CA. It was such an amazing time as the Internet was in its infancy from a mainstream perspective. Our job at Netcom was mainly as an ISP providing dial-up, but we also provided shell accounts for our more savvy users, including UUCP accounts as well. I worked in the Access Engineering department, where my role was to monitor the health of our exploding network of Points of Presences (POPs) were were building across the country. It was a very exciting time and my Unix shell scripting came in handy as we automated many of our previously manual tests. My first program I wrote was MikeMenu (renamed PopMenu) which as a Bash script for providing an editing interface to our pop files and our users who needed to update them. I used lots of SED and AWK to perform this work. It was far from elegant, but worked well and helped the folks who were unfamiliar with Unix and editors such as ed, or pico, or vi

Engineering Summit at LinkedIn

Engineering Summit II (Carp)


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