The Learning Journey

2018 Books

Intelligent Investor – Classic (back to basics) with the updated commentary

Financial Statement Analysis – deep analysis inside the lifeblood of companies.

Radical Candor – Kim Scott – Key for development and feedback of teams and individuals, being radically candid with direct feedback while coming from a place of caring.

Measure what Matters – John Doerr on OKRs and how to focus on a few things done well.

The Culture Map – Erin Meyer – A great read when building global teams and building a global perspective. I don’t recommend the Audio book, it was very poorly narrated and offensive with the use of accents to express the different culture. Not a good move on this part, but the book is good. It was recommended to us at LinkedIn via Reed Hastings

Principles – Ray Dalio

The tools and tips for learning journey

  • 5 minute Journal – I started this at the first of the year.
  • 5 minutes of guitar a day – Working on this one,  but have been less regular

Entertaining Audio Books

Disrupted – HubSpot

Bad Blood – Therenos

Pepperdine MBA Journey

Dr. Wayne Strom – Strom Syllabus

Dr. John Scully – Finance_Final