2013 – Carpinteria Tri

My final race of the year was carp!!!! This being my 5th Olympic Tri in the last 6 months I must admit I came into this one not fully prepared and feeling some pain. My IT band pain acted up again on my run causing me to drop from 8:30/min miles down to 10-11 min miles. I also have not been training as I was earlier in the year. I think I had two workouts since the Malibu Tri (one bike and one run). I couldn’t be happier with the years events!!!! Life is good!


Scott and I ended up doing 3 TRI’s together this year

Race Stats

My official time was 3:05:11

IT Band issue on the run, resulting in major impact on my run


1 Mile swim (actually ) – 30:07

25 Mile bike   – 1:28 

6.2 Mile run – 1:01:37


Overall Place – 141/228

Swim Place – 141 ( 51%)

Bike Place

Run Place

Start time – 7:15am

Age Group -M 40–44

I stuck with the same fueling strategy as SB Tri, but was still weak on the run, for the most part I would say it was my issues with the IT band, but also I didn’t feel as strong. I had only worked out once in two weeks between SB and Malibu, so this could have contributed.





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