2013 – SB Tri

The SB TRI came and has went, I would have to say I had more anxiety about this event then any of the other events.


Team MiraMar in our 8th year, with team shirts to show it.

Race Stats

My official time was 4:32

Actual race time 4:09

I had a flat tire repair which took 23 minutes to fix as I blew two inter-tubes.


1 Mile swim (actually 1.08) – 32:49 

34 Mile bike – 2:24 (flat tire repair = 23 mins) – 2:01 

10 Mile run – 1:28


Overall Place – 424 / 571

Division Place – 64/78

Swim Place – 217 ( 38%) – 29:58 min/mile

Bike Place 526 (92%)

Run Place ( 50%) 8:48 min/mile

Start time – 7:15am

Age Group -M 40–44

In summary I am very happy with my race, my swim time was great and I felt strong, I tried to limit the use of my legs on the swim to save them for later and this actually worked to my advantage. My legs were fresh and I felt good after. I felt clear and my googles were clear on the swim. I had a few sips of coffee before the race, but no GU’s before, so very light on caffeine.

Fueling strategy was different this time and worked great. I use Osmos before (pre-hydration) and during for electrolytes and used Sodium based Clif Shot blocs during (every 15 mins, also had a cliff 2x expresso Gu during bike for caffeine) this seemed to work well for me.

Need to learn flat tire repairs, practice them and take spin classes. too slow on bike






Me and my lady



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