2014 – Carpinteria Tri

My final race of the year was carp!!!! This being my 3rd Olympic Tri of the year, I am very happy with my results.  Year over year on carp I was 2 minutes faster, but the swim was 4:30 longer. I would said adjusted, I was 7 minutes faster year over year. Not bad. Had some good friends join this year with Michael Souder from lynda and Jim Loper. There were also quite a few others from lynda, so a really good race. IMG_3156

Race Stats

My official time was 3:03 – (2013 – 3:05)

The swim was a much tougher swim than 2013, about 4:30 minutes longer, strong swells and blinding visibility on the way back. Water temp was really nice at 67F


1 Mile swim –  34:34 – (2013 – 30:07)

25 Mile bike   – 01:29:02 – (2013 – 1:28)

6.2 Mile run – 55:08 – (2013 – 1:01:37)


Not really tracking

Start time – 7:15am

Age Group -M 45-49


I am very happy with the results, and being 7 minutes after year over year, I am even more happy.





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