Tri Training


Races / Events

  1. Great Race 1/2 Marathon – completed
  2. WildFlower 1/2 Ironman (70.3) – I had to defer this race (lack of training)
  3. Ventura TRI Olympic – completed
  4. Santa Barbara Tri –
  5. John Muir Trail Hike (3 days) –


1/1/16 – Starting weight 190 lbs

Swim – Need to get back into swimming rhythm as the core of my workouts. I attended the CVMM 100 x 100yd swim on 1/1/16, and completed 5500 yds

Run – Need to run, trail run to train for Great Race

Bike – Spin/Ride outside, hills, hills, hills to prepare for Wildflower

Eat – Eat healthy, avoid eating after 8pm, greek yogurt, less carbs, less sugar

Sleep – early to bed, early to rise, the power of sleep on energy

Plan – build my training plan from Tri Encyclopedia.


1/1/15 – Starting Weight – 182 lbs

Goal 175 lbs

January goal

Build the bike legs, start swimming regular, and throw in some bricks with Bike/Run

Week 1 Jan

Started Spinning class – 4 hours  and 35 mins of spinning. Starting work next week need to workout times when I can attend classes, maybe Thursday nights

Fighting 2 weeks of chest cold, no running or swimming this week

Week 2 Jan

Quite a few runs, and one spin. Still dealing with chest cold.

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