2015 Wildflower Half Iron Man

Such the journey leading up to this one. It was back in the fall of 2014 when Jim prodded me to signing up for this event and Michael had not hesitation to join in. This was my first ever 70.3 and from what I hear arguably the most difficult Half Ironman.  I think I now know why. As I had plenty of time to ponder life and my overall sanity during this race I came up with a few fun points. 1) I coined this race “The three H’s” which stands for Heat, Headwinds, and Hills. 2) Half Ironman’s take a bit more training then I put in 3) Coastal races are much more attractive to me now. 4) Late starts (8:50am) are No Bueno.





See the Prize




Execute it!







Race Stats

My official time was 7:36:30


1.2 Mile swim  – 38:38 

56 Mile bike – 4:01: 58

13.1 Mile run – 2:41:20

Total Distance – 70.3


Overall Place – 482 /

Class Rank  – 43/

Swim Place – 396

Bike Place 542

Run Place 12:18 min/mile

Start time – 8:50am

Finish time – ~4:30

Age Group -M 45–49

In summary I am very happy I finished this monster course. My longest bike ride to date was 35mi, so this was a large jump for me


The overall race took me 7 hours and 36 minutes to complete (about 45 minutes longer than my estimated time of arrival) this was largely due to underestimating the sheer intensity and climbing of the bike route. The hardest part being starting at Mile 41 (Nasty Grade), then proceeding to climb until mile 45. My legs were shot after this hill. Then some downhill, the continuous bouts of uphills until finished.


This would have been doable if it was not for the remaining 10.9 miles or run course left.



IMG_5750 IMG_5762 IMG_5732 IMG_5761 IMG_5746 IMG_5745 IMG_5728

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