2016 Santa Barbara Triathlon

Another SB TRI, which was year 11 for Team Miramar. It was my 4th year of doing the Long course. Its a tough one for sure. The 35 mile Bike ride is hilly and tests your stamina. The 10 mile run following the ride is also not one to be overlooked. The key to training for this TRI is adding some bricks to your training repertoire. The past two years have been challenging from a work perspective, but I managed to keep training in there at some level. Year over year my time was 7 minutes faster or a total of 11 minutes considering having to stop for traffic.


IMG_6386 IMG_6390 IMG_6394
IMG_6380 IMG_6414 IMG_6384 IMG_6385 IMG_6463 IMG_6426 IMG_6417